Hi, welcome to Pincount, a podcast hosted by Iain Wallace and Douglas Shearer. Pincount is a tech podcast not afraid of the details. We're not just users, we're computer scientists and developers. Join us for half an hour each week fortnight to get into the detail on new tech and speculate about what might be next.

Episode 17 - Procount

What is a Pro Computer?

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Episode 16 - A Flexible Omnishambles

Catching up on the news, and the mysteries of Thunderbolt 3

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Episode 15 - What is AI?

A 15th episode special, Iain educates Doug with his views on what is and is not AI.

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Episode 14 - You've Munged This Whole Thing

Lightning news roundup, and what's still rubbish in 2017

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Episode 13 - Random Tech News Podcast

Doug and Iain sweep up the newsroom floor, our favourite tech over the winter break.

Doug recorded using the wrong microphone, that's why he sounds like he's in another room this week. Sorry about that.

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