Hi, welcome to Pincount, a podcast hosted by Iain Wallace and Douglas Shearer. Pincount is a tech podcast not afraid of the details. We're not just users, we're computer scientists and developers. Join us for half an hour each fortnight somewhat regularly to get into the detail on new tech and speculate about what might be next.

Episode 29 - Total Donkey

ARM servers, and our favourite command line apps

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Episode 28 - Taking a Baby

News, and Newsletters.

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Episode 27 - Either Which Way Round

What’s caught Doug’s eye over the break, and the future of ports.

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Episode 26 - The Three is Silent

Titan V Benchmarks, CPU bugs, and the new webscale stack.

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Episode 25 - Prime Nonsense

Iain and Doug discuss computational photography, and guess what might be next

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